8K Greek olive oils.Not all olive oils are created equal.
We are a company based in Monemvasia, Lakonia Greece. Our business is created by the passion passed to us by our ancestors who have been producing olive oil for 100 years.
Producing high quality olive oil is our pleasure. We are doing every step, from production to harvest and from olive oil extraction to bottling.
We are meticulous about the details of our olive oil production using techniques which keep acidity low and extract the best flavors from the olive.
Our olive oils carry the taste of our history, from trees planted centuries ago by our forefathers. We have chosen to focus on mild agriculture and organic oils, to leave our lands an untainted and pure as we found them.
We harvest early in the year, sacrificing higher yields in order to create an olive oil, that is keeping all the aromas, strong in taste and rich in polyphenols.