MS Stergioti bio Production S.A. is a family business established in 2019, which operates in the fields of production and trade, as well as in tourism. The President of the company MS Stergioti bio Production S.A, Mr. Stergiotis Polykarpos, is an expert in the fields of trade and tourism, in which he has been active for 40 years, with great success.
His daughter and CEO of MS Stergioti bio Production S.A., Stergioti Margarita, is a graduate of the School of Agriculture and Food Technology of the Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) of Siteia, Crete. Therefore, together, they decided to establish a unit for the standardization – pressing and trading of olive oil and its derivatives, in the place where the history of olive and olive oil began, in the heart of Crete, and specifically in the fertile plain of Messara.