At our family-run olive oil business, ELAiKOS, we are passionate about olive oil and focused on quality. We do not mix olive oils! “ELAiKOS selection BLEND” is produced from olives collected from multivarietal family’s estates, which consist of olive trees of different varieties, as planted by our grandfather.
During the harvest, we do not separate the fruit by variety, but the harvested fruit from the whole estate with its different varieties, is crushed in the olive mill, just as it was collected in the olive groove. The composition of the resulting Blend evoo and its aromatic profile, based on the varieties in the particular olive grove is unique and cannot be copied.
However, we also cultivate some olive groves which consist entirely of a single olive variety. From these estates we produce “ELAiKOS selection MEGARITIKI” a 100% Megaritiki variety, “ELAiKOS selection THASITIKI” a 100% Thasitiki variety.