129 Awards ! “Κyklopas early harvest” the most awarded extra virgin olive oil in Greece!

Berlin Olive Oil

ERT: Olive oil from century-old olive trees won an award in Berlin GOOA 2020

Kyklopas returned from Berlin with four new awards. Taking part in an international competition they managed to amaze both with its quality, constant recognizable value, and now with their packaging, bringing the awards they have received to 114.

“We participated in an international competition in Berlin and came back with four awards. We are the most awarded Greek olive oil with 114 international distinctions. This year it was a pleasure and an honour to be in the twenty best in the world” says Ms. Valia Kelidou, a member of the Kyklopas family who speaks with enthusiasm and pride about this family venture that has been going for many years now and have dozens of distinctions from Greece and abroad.

“We are among the “Elite Olive Oils!” of BGOOA 2020, Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards. We won GOLD for our new product, AGES, for its quality in the Organic category! Ages was also awarded a Bronze prize for its packaging. Kyklopas Early Harvest Olive Oil has received international acclaim over the last few years and once again received a PLATINUM award. And our naturally infused olive oil dressing with basil received a Silver award!”

“What is it that usually interests the members of judges in an olive oil competition, the quality of the olive oil itself or packaging?” we asked Ms. Kelidou. She replied that “First of all they are interested in quality” and explaining: “As much as you bet on the appearance of a product, when it is not good in terms of quality, no one will buy it again. So, the combination of appearance and quality is the most decisive and what is most liked.”

“This year Kyklopas also took part in the Berlin competition with its new product, AGES, which combines both: Quality and Appearance. The olives are harvested from our ancient olive groves, from the ancient Makri olive trees. They were also awarded once again for their Early Harvest olive oil, which for so many years is has been awarded, taking platinum this time. Also, they received an award for the aromatic oil, their dressing with basil. It’s the combination that people like very much and generally prefer. So, we thought we’d send one of our favourites, and found it to be a favourite with the judges, which made us happy,” mentions Ms. Kelidou.

As far as olive oil exports are concerned, the oil from the Makri mill that harvests olives from all over Thrace is exported throughout Europe and even to Japan and Taiwan. “Some plans we are making in other countries will be communicated in the future,” says Ms. Kelidou, speaking of the goal to maintain the same quality, so as not to disappoint the consumers. “I think this consistent quality gives you a foothold in the markets because they see that it is not just a temporary firework display, but something that has real value. Something that has continuation.”

Finally, she does not neglect to encourage young people to engage in olive cultivation. “Not just for professional reasons, although they could look after themselves professionally and sell their product, but at least produce something of their own to consume themselves knowing well that it is a good quality product, without preservatives, something very healthy. There are many who have olive groves inherited from parents, grandparents or grandmothers and don’t go to cultivate them thinking it’s too difficult. And yet being active in nature, in the month of November when the harvest takes place is something special while producing their oil for their year.”

Reportage-text-photos: Maria Nikolaou