The firm 1490, extra virgin olive oils, twice awarded in Berlin

Berlin Olive Oil

The international Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards have awarded two awards to the virgin olive oil firm of La Rambla, 1490. Specifically, the Platinum and Gold awards have been for the EVOO modalities Frasca Galera and Frasca Roseta of the Cordoba company .

In the midst of the pandemic, a little over a month ago, the young entrepreneurs from Rampart received the good news that their organic oil had been awarded and recognized by the Mezquita Awards, awards held in Córdoba.

This same week they received that other good letter from Berlin with another incredible news: the Frasca Galera had been selected among more than a thousand old olive oils as one of the best in the Berlin GOOA 2020, Berlin Gobal Olive Oil Awards and Roseta, that bottle Pink so peculiar that it was sold out the first days of its launch has received the gold medal, for its beautiful design.

In their short but intense career they have already been awarded 12 national and international awards.