Eugenia Tzanetou, the initiator and creator of Caltica

I was born and raised in Athens. Since I was a child, I have been attracted to the art of cooking, so I decided to study in a culinary school from which I graduated acquiring both a cooking and a pastry degree. Ever since I have been working as a chef for 22 consecutive years in various types of restaurants and in demanding positions. I started working at Greek music restaurants cooking delicacies pairing with Greek wine in perfect harmony. Later, in the beautiful island of Crete, I earned a deeper knowledge of the Greek traditional recipes with fresh ingredients and local products. I also worked in other Greek islands famous for their local recipes and their seafood delicacies.

Furthermore, I worked in kitchens cooking for their VIP clientele, preparing international dishes for highly demanding palates. During the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, I worked as a chef in the team responsible for the dishes at the Sponsors’ Hospitality Center.  For my diligence I received an award by the famous French Maison Lenôtre.

All these years, I gained valuable experience which combined with my own creative ideas, led to tasty creations that sometimes were praised, and other times were awarded.

During working at restaurants, I continued studying and attending seminars. Eventually, I became an expert in olive oil tasting using the organoleptic assessment.

However, my passion for food wasn’t confined to preparing food for humans only. I am an animal lover by nature; I remember growing up with the company of dogs, cats, rabbits, even fishes.

My affection for my little friends urged me to find ways to make their lives longer through a healthier diet.

So, after a lot of thought, testing and research, I created Caltica, a food supplement for pets that I consider to be essential for their health.

In acknowledgement of my efforts, Caltica was awarded the “Gold Award of Global Innovation” and the “Gold Award of Quality” at the Global Olive Oil Awards in Berlin, 2020.

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