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The Manginas family has been cultivating the rare Manaki olive trees in Kalentzi, Corinth, Greece for generations, producing high quality extra virgin olive oil and passing on the knowledge, tradition and art to younger generations. When George, one of the family’s sons met Marianna, an urban girl, a spark started! With George, Marianna was reintroduced to nature, learning about olive trees and olive oil, falling in love with its aromas and flavours and deciding to share this new love with the world! This is how OLEOSOPHIA was born.

Marianna is the founder of OLEOSOPHIA and a certified olive oil sommelier, actively working on olive oil tastings, workshops and olive oil tours, cultivating an olive oil culture to consumers. The brothers and sisters work together to take great care of the 4000 olive trees that belong to the family, expanding at the same time and applying best agricultural practices that this rare variety needs. With minimum intervention and in a naturally preferred location by the Manaki variety, the trees are not stressed to produce large volumes. Instead, they are cultivated having quality in mind to ensure Oleosophers around the world enjoy a truly authentic EVOO. As a result of hard work and commitment, the family’s Manaki has become a point of reference for its variety in Greece, receiving many awards for its quality and best in its variety.

The Manaki variety produces extra virgin olive oil that has a well-balanced sensory profile with medium intensity of bitterness and pungency and a predominance of green fruitiness. Its rich aroma and balanced profile make it very well received within our OLEOSOPHIA community and Oleosophers, who enjoy it on a daily basis in their cooking!

OLEOSOPHIA Manaki Monovarietal EVOO comes in dark, luxury glass bottles of 500mL and 250mL and is a limited edition product based on each year’s yield. Staying true to their ethos and values, the family only sells what is produced every year.

OLEOSOPHIA’s network of partners consists of fine food shops and delicatessens in Europe, Australia and USA while olive oil enthusiasts can also enjoy an olive oil tour and tasting by Marianna at one of the family’s olive groves.

Being a family business, we value honesty, respect, growth, and quality and these are the key components of the way we work with our partners. We look forward to building solid partnerships with you and welcoming you in our OLEOSOPHIA family to introduce the rare Manaki variety to olive oil friends and work together towards building an olive oil community! We will be happy to meet you and get to know you!

Kalentzi, Corinth province | Greece
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Marianna, Aris, Myrto


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Corinth province


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OLEOSOPHIA First Harvest Manaki Monovarietal is a high quality EVOO of rich fruitiness and a well-balanced sensory profile with medium intensity of bitterness and pungency and a predominance of green fruitiness.

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Oleosophia, Kalentzi, Corinth province, Greece