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Miquel from Barcelona and Sonia from Navarra, together with our daughter Greta. We met traveling. Miquel is a sea captain, food, nature, and sea lover. Sonia, fashion creative, explorer of cities, markets, and colours.

When Greta was born, we left Barcelona and moved into the countryside into a hidden place, Mas de Penna in La Serra D’Almos little village.

First, we built a sustainable house, treated the soil, and grew our family with two donkeys, a guinea pig, three cats, and a parakeet.

Once established in this area rich in olive oil traditions, we decided to create Olis D’Almos Journeys & Flavors. A blend between our past of and future, we continue to travel and are passionate about our life and work.

The thyme and rosemary are from the Greek island of Hydra. The Merquén of the Auracany on the extreme south of America. The Damascene Rose from the traditional cooking of Syria.

From a trip we remember faces, images, landscapes. Few times we realise the evocative influence of the scents we discover, until we suddenly get surprised by one, coming from just around the corner which instantly transports us to the village we visited or the dinner we shared.

We invite you to travel with us to the tasteful scents of our favorite places on earth. Scents and experiences are gathered from various corners of the world and captured in the oily purity of our virgin olive oil.

The popular traditions from the most remote spots combined with the Ribera del Ebro oil industry traditions. Far away destinations and century old olive trees meeting with different cultures and various flavors.

Because the new sometimes becomes relevant through a simple combination of the ancestral traditions that haven’t met before.

Olis d’Almos is a family concern that sums up our family’s passion to travel and the research of beauty to extract the best olive oil from our centennial olive trees. We live in La Serra d’Almos on Mas de Penna, a tiny village in the Tarragona region called Ribera d’Ebre where we produce

hand made, artisane and organic extra virgin olive oil and a spicy range of products, marinated with natural ingredients.

We produce different varieties of organically grown almonds. Olive trees and Almond trees cohabitate in harmony in our fields as it’s very typical in the Montsant region.

We believe in people and our support is to aid diversity so we collaborate with the special work centre called Jeroni de Moragas, in Mora D’Ebre, and with the non profitable organisation called ‘El sonido de la hierba al crecer’ where we will donate part of our profits to help autism.


Our almond trees share soil with our olive trees. They drink from the same natural rainwater and absorb the same sun. We offer a variety of almonds such as Marcona, Largueta, Comuna and Rofes.

They are manually selected and picked and the shells are separated from the fruit mechanically. We present the almond on the shell in a yute packaging bag. The soft shell almonds ‘The Rofes’ can be easily separated from the shell by hand. The peeled almonds are vacuum packaged or placed in biodegradablre plant base cellulose bags to become simple finger treats.

Almond is rich in fibre, proteins, vitamin B and E, healthy fat, minerals and are delicious and excellent for our body system.

Traveler Marinades

From our country house and with natural ingredients discovered on our trips, we create different, exquisite, and original olive oils.

We marinate, for a minimum of 40 days, our olive oil with aromatic plants & herbs, teas, spices and

natural flavors, reminiscent of indigenous and local knowledge.

The result is a delicious range of 4 marinated olive oils, perfect to be savoured alone or to entice all types of culinary dishes.

Olive Oil Extra Virgin

Our olive oil is prepared with various types of Arbequina, Farga, and Morrut olives, specifically from the Siurana region. Fresh and fruity scent, slightly spicy and bitter hint, with a sweet and almond end note.

Contains a high index of oleic acid, vitamin E and polyphenols which are the best indicators of its high quality and medicinal benefits.

The olive trees grow in soil that has never been treated with chemicals. They are carefully looked after and are soaked exclusively in rainwater.

They are harvested by hand, then the fruit is collected and then transported to the miller the same day of the harvest. The olives are grounded with a hydraulic press to obtain the highest purity. We take care of its preservation, usage, and sustainability.

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Olis d’Almos is a family start up that sums up our family’s passion to travel around the world and the research on beauty to extract the best olive oil of their centennial olive trees.

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