A Lafazani Liaretidou Mon Ike

6 Elies

Product Description

6 elies :Extra virgin olive oil of very low acidity which is a tasty challenge as it is produced from six specific varieties of olives (Halkidiki, Koroneiki, Megaron, Amfissi, Kalamon, Volos), which are cultivated in the olive groves of central and eastern Macedonia. The combination of these specific varieties gives us an olive oil of unique taste and exceptional quality.


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About A Lafazani Liaretidou Mon Ike:

Operating since 1928, the company “Elaion Odoi ” is a vertical unit of olive oil production. The collection of olives from our olive groves in the region of central and eastern Macedonia, ends through the standardization by state-of-the-art machinery, in the marketing of extra virgin olive oil and other products, in the local and international market.

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