Ses Decon Ee

80-Oblivion Extra Premium

Product Description

OBLIVION is an Extra Virgin Olive oil that we as Greeks sharing with our families. Our Koroneiki harvest comes from a family Olive land on Peloponnese. Hand-picked olive fruits are carefully processed to finest Early harvest OBLIVION olive oil. Sensory balanced, pleasantly fruity, light spicy with delicate bitter tones. Besides the selection of a special painted glass bottle with view to the pure content, the entire handling process is under temperature-controlled environment.




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About Ses Decon Ee:

SES DECON was created as the crowning of a family involvement in Olive oil market for
more than 38 years.
Based on our passion to share OBLIVION Olive oil harvest in a wider circle of friends,
we choose quality and purity as main values of our efforts.
As a long-term vision, we aim to improve the high standards of our harvest and offering
worldwide a unique taste experience of Olive oil.

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