Hellenic Agricultural Enterprises

Aeolian Olive Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product Description

Made exclusively from organically grown Kolovi olives, Organic “Aeolian Olive” is the choice of the nature-conscious consumer. It retains the balanced fruity mildness that makes Lesvos oil suited to all culinary uses. No need to compromise on taste, just choose the oil that suits your mood.




Quality Organic Awards





About Hellenic Agricultural Enterprises:

Hellenic Agricultural Enterprises (HAE), established in 2013, is dedicated to the production and worldwide distribution of the best agricultural products that Greece has to offer.
Our company has been inspired by our wish to promote locally produced extra virgin olive oil and other food products in global markets. We aim to introduce consumers around the world to the distinctive flavours and products that Lesvos and the rest of Greece have to offer. Our commitment is to maintain high standards of quality, while upholding our core values of high nutritional value, fair prices, and environmental sustainability.

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