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Au Mavroudis Premium evoo

Product Description

Au Mavroudis Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a first pressed, cold pressed olive oil, made of selected olives picked from the Mavroudis family olive groves and processed within a few hours of the harvest at the Mavroudis family olive oil mill and later bottled and packaged by the Mavroudis family themselves. Au Mavroudis Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high polyphenol  premium extra virgin olive oil produced in limited amounts, an olive oil rich in aromas, flavours  and antioxidants. As the name suggests “Liquid gold in a bottle”.




High Polyphenols Awards



About Afoi S.E. Mavroudi O.E.:

The mavroudis olive mill is run and operated by the family so giving complete care and attention to the olive oil extraction process and so guaranteeing a premium olive oil. Always using the first pressed ,meaning that the olives are crushed and pressed only one time, and cold pressed method , meaning processing with low temperatures ,ensuring that we do not destroy the high amounts of polyphenols , antioxidants and monounsturated fatty acids that make olive oil so healthy for you .

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