Kanellos Ioannis

Blackbird Natural Treasures, Organic

Product Description 

The premium Blackbird Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the highest antioxidant and nutritional value and at the same time contains the lowest acidity possible. It is characterized by intense greenly aromas and well-balanced bitter-pungent flavors. It is especially recommended for raw consumption. The sensory features that stand out are the tomato notes and the slightly spicy fragrances of mountain herbs, with the mildly sweet aftertaste.




Quality Organic Awards





About Kanellos Ioannis:

Blackbird olive oil encloses a 3-generation experience and adeptness, know-how that is renewed continuously and of course love but also respect for the Greek island of Lesvos and its goods. This passionate devotion leads to the making of precious, honest, pure, impeccable olive oil. And carrying those features, it proudly sits on your everyday table.

Delicate, fine-balanced, aromatic, golden, and at the same time unsurpassable healthy. Blackbird olive oil is as superior as the land itself that bore it. A pure Lesvian olive oil of low acidity, but of high nutritional value and taste; it truly is an experience like no other…

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