Azienda Agricola De Robertis Sas


Product Description

CHIAROSCURO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Made with 100% Italian Coratina Olives (Intense Fruity Flavour).

A multi award winning EVOO, that brings our land to your table. We monitor the mechanical extraction to maintain a constant processing temperature of 22° – 24° C so that the extracted olives and the must oil obtained spend just moments in contact with or are exposed to oxygen.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is stored in stainless steel protected from light at a temperature below 22°C to prolong the shelf-life; it is then bottled (just before the product leaves for markets) using a bottle that reduces the impact of UV-ray penetration by 97%.




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About Azienda Agricola De Robertis Sas:

Paolo Milicic – Managing Partner / co- Owner, born in Canada to Italian and Croatian immigrants, Paolo always dreamed of living in Europe.

Paolo, the well-travelled foodie, knew he had stumbled across something truly amazing when he first tasted the olive oil produced on the family’s estate. He soon gave up his professional career, opting instead to devote his time helping his father-in-law Dr. Donato De Robertis transform this passion into a market-ready product.

Dr. De Robertis took Paolo under his wing to teach him the olive orchard business. Equipped with years of business experience and a passion for fine cuisine, it was Paolo who recognized the global potential for this local, well-kept secret.

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