Cayetano Garbin Odoño


Product Description

Selection of the Picudo and Chorreao varieties from Montefrío (autochthonous). Exclusively with very healthy olives – collected before they ripen, almost green – which gives the oil a characteristic intense green colour with excellent fruitiness. Tasting: Balanced oil with green fruitiness, medium intensity (5.6), medium sharpness and bitterness (3.45 and 4.65), in which we find aromatic notes of tomato, artichoke and green banana peel; as well as flavours of green almond, artichoke and nuts.




High Polyphenols Awards



About Cayetano Garbin Odoño:

Young online trading company inspired by the Mediterranean diet and specialising in premium extra virgin olive oils from the best regions of the mountains of Andalusia. Fair trade for producers. Our main goal is to protect the climate as well as our customers with healthy and organic products.

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