Aceites Agro Sevilla S.A.U.

Coopoliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product Description

Liquid gold. These two words describe the incomparable exquisiteness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a true luxury for the senses.
This premium quality is distinguished by its fully natural extraction process: it is pure olive juice, which preserves the nutritional characteristics of this fruit, elevating all the benefits to their top level.
Its powerful flavour and unmistakable aroma make it a select choice, a touch of inexcusable perfection desired by gourmet cuisine all around the world.
Not to mention its innumerable medicinal and aesthetic qualities, already known and appreciated since antiquity, in civilizations such as the Egyptians, the Greeks or the Romans.




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About Aceites Agro Sevilla S.A.U.:

Since 1977 Agro Sevilla has been a leading brand and benchmark in the industry, synonymous with quality applied at the source, and because we only sell olives harvested by us: olives that have been grown, selected, and processed by our olive-growers.

Coopoliva logo is well known and recognised in all the countries in which it is marketed. This olive and olive oil brand is widely recognised by consumers and has a market share of over 50% in countries such as Saudi Arabia, and similar shares in other markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, etc.

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