Cortijo De Suerte Alta, S.L

Cortijo De Suerte Alta, Coupage Natural

Product Description 

This EVOO is produced with the olives from the oldest olive grove of the estate. Trees planted in the traditional manner with three varieties endemic of Baena: Picual, Picudo and Hojiblanca. 

We are speaking of an EVOO that is characterised by its complexity; we like to compare it with a symphony. The three varieties are naturally mixed in the countryside. This natural mix is one of the secrets behind the aromas and special nuances we find in this oil.




Quality Organic Awards





About Cortijo De Suerte Alta, S.L:

Cortijo de Suerte Alta is a family estate located on the right margin of the Guadajoz river, near the small village of Albendín, township of Baena, in the province of Córdoba, in the heart of Andalucía, to the South of Spain.

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