Creatan Heritage-One Root

Cretan Heritage-One Root

Product Description 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil “One Root”

The Extra Virgin Cretan Olive Oil “Mia Riza” is rich in nutrients and has certified taste characteristics, which result each year from panel tests. The taste scores at the highest levels!

Extra virgin olive oil is defined when it features an acidity between 0.0-0.8. Virgin olive oil is defined when its acidity ranges between 0.9-2.0. Labbate olive oil is defined with an acidity from 2.0 and above. Refined olive oil has no nutritional value.




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About Creatan Heritage-One Root:

Τhe goal of all of the whole family is to move forward with hard work, passion and entrepreneurship, as well as using our valuable experience in the field of olive oil manufacture, production, standardization, and marketing. Moreover, Michalis Cheretakis, president of the association of oil mill owners in the Chania Prefecture, is our “guiding light” and the certified fine olive oil flavour is our “sole purpose”. Both empower us to create high quality olive oils, with proven health benefits. We believe that in order for olive oil to be valuable, it must follow the olive grove-mill-standardisation-storage procedure, always accompanied by three words: quality – honesty – responsibility.

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