Villa Gerace Azienda bio

Don Carlo olio extra vergine biologico

Product Description

Don Carlo Organic EVOO is produced in Gerace, a village located in the heart of Sicily, using a eco-friendly, biological process.
In this village, Prof. Giuseppe Fontanazza’s studies led to the development of the famous cultivar “Favolosa” and “Don Carlo”, which give Don Carlo Organic EVOO a high content of polyphenols, a unique emerald colour and a complex wild herb aroma.
The care we express in this oil and its characteristics has helped Don Carlo Organic EVOO win multiple international awards.




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About Villa Gerace Azienda:

Villa Gerace Azienda Bio is located in a village that has its origins in the Roman period, when Philippianus, a Roman nobleman, decided to settle in this valley for the luxuriance of nature, the serenity and fertility of the land. Today, it has been reborn with the aim of creating a natural oasis for your well-being, respecting the millennial balance of nature. Come and relax in contact with nature, and nourish your body and soul with local organic products on a refreshing journey.

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