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Donum Terram

Product Description

Donum Terram(PGI) is a premium, early harvest monovarietal extra virgin olive oil with a rich fruity, and the characteristic bitter and pungent flavor of the native Kolovi variety of Lesvos.
It is produced in very limited batches, and obtained by cold extraction and solely by mechanical means. The olives are handpicked in October and early November in the mountainous olive groves of Plomari Estates, which we have revived lovingly and with great care, after years of efforts. Donum Terram, with its particularly low acidity, falls within the new category of extrissima premium extra virgin olive oils.



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About Plomari Estates Lp:

We are dedicated to collecting and reviving olive groves in the mountainous area of Plomari while also producing high-quality monovarietal Kolovi EVOO, which is indigenous to the island of Lesvos. Our main goal is the systematic and rational growing and production of top-quality olive oil with organoleptic characteristics, rendering it attractive to the customers and competitive in the market. It is our purpose to transform this unique taste into an individual experience.

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