Frantoio Filippi Di Piccioni Annita & C. S.A.S

DOP Umbria Colli Martrani

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The Filippi family lives in this uncontaminated territory for more than four generations: simple men and women, linked to the work of the earth. Precisely from it we get the products with which we want to transmit the passion for a tiring job made of expectations, cures, joys and hopes. It is not well known when ali this began; my great-grandfather Giacomo and his wife Antonia devoted themselves to olive growing and viticulture.

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About Frantoio Filippi Di Piccioni Annita & C. S.A.S:

At an altitude of between 300 and 600 m, the olive groves generate fruits capable of creating an extremely fruity oil of very high quality (it falls within the DOP production specification).

In the Filippi`s olive grove there is all the heritage of the centuries-old olive trees that have become vegetable monuments AND over time, have created a very strong historical-cultural link between man and the surrounding territory.

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