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E Precious

Product Description

The “EPSILON Precious BIO” olive oil is an excellent organically grown product. With a very high nutritional value and an excellent balance of bitter & spicy along with a strong fruity flavor.
It is proudly produced with love by the entire Vlassopoulos family as a precious good of nature for you and your loved ones. The ‘Green Gold’ of the Zakynthian land with its extremely high nutritional value is most probably the best olive oil in the world.




High Polyphenols Awards



About Elaioyrgiki N&E Vlassopoulos:

Continuing the tradition from 1930, the fourth generation of the Vlassopoulos family, brothers Nikos and Manolis Vlassopoulos, maintain the family olive mill in Zakynthos.

Through a strictly selected olive harvest they produce the extra virgin olive oil Epsilon Precious. Epsilon Precious is the distillate of the unique Koroneiki olive variety. It is collected, processed and stored in the modern facilities of the Vlassopoulos family olive mill.

Epsilon Precious, our olive oil, is offered to man as it was created to fill him with love, to nourish him and to keep him actively healthy and young, so that he can enjoy life and live in every moment.

Cleanliness and hygiene conditions are a primary concern of the Vlassopoulos family. The olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks with strictly controlled temperature, ready for packaging and standardization, so that it ends up on your table with the maximum possible quality.

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