Kalampoka Konstantina

Eirini Plomariou

Product Description 

Dedicated to organic farming, we are working in the production of excellent quality organic products with a claim to health and with special taste characteristics. In every bottle of liquid gold of our earth, you will discover notes of bitter almond, wild artichoke and oregano. Each of them is certified by the World Olive Center for high health (phenolic characteristics).




Quality Organic Awards





About Kalampoka Konstantina:

With family care and love for what we do

Nikos, Myrta and their children have been the soul of the family farm located at Plomari Lesvos since 1996 and they are devoted to the organic cultivation of olive trees throughout the year producing EIRINI PLOMARIOUan award winning organic olive oil. It is the olive oil they proudly use in their agrotourism unit in Plomari, and which has won fervent admirers throughout the world for its aroma and quality.


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