Eliama D.V. Premium

Product Description

Eliama Premium is distinguished by the harmony of fresh leaf and fruit aromas, complemented by a subtle note of bitterness, passing into a spicy finish. It perfectly balances between gentleness and spiciness taking us in an aroma and flavour journey through a complex bouquet of pleasant sensations, giving time to reflection the combination of sharpness and subtlety.




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About Ellis Farm:

We are Elli & Myron from Agia Varvara, Iraklion – Crete. Our area is the centre of island and has a long tradition in the production of the extra virgin olive oil. When you cultivate olive trees in Crete, you do not have to try too much to achieve excellent olive oil quality!

The olive cultivation on our island has a history of over 4000 years, which means that the olive tree has adapted to the climatic conditions and operates almost independently. However, after the harvest we definitely have a strict protocol that we follow strictly like the grinding of the olives within 8 hours, very low melting temperature, stainless tanks and the storage temperature strictly from 12ºC to 15ºC.

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