Finca La Tortaita

Finca La Tortaita

Product Description

We are committed to cultivate without pesticides and this is key to have a sustainable ecosystem. Accordingly, we do not use artificial irrigation but we are subject to mother Earth, obtaining so a pure olive. Currently we are in conversion to organic farming fulfilling all the requirements needed. Our AOVE Premium Hojiblanca First Day of Harvest is made after testing and selecting only the best green olives, achieving the highest quality standards.


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About Finca La Tortaita:

In 2016 La Tortaita was born from Love to Olive Trees and passion for obtaining an AOVE Early Harvest of maximum quality, as well as protecting the environment and its ecosystem.
From the very beginning our focus has been the fusion between Tradition and New Technologies, to obtain a unique product and maintain the circular economy.
Our aim is Quality, not Quantity.

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