Giachos Theofanis - Gaia Kallisti

Gaia Kallisti Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product Description

Gaia Kallisti’s EVOO is characterized by its radiant green color and by its mild fruity aftertaste, aroma of unripen crop and freshly cut grass. The high levels of oleocanthal results in our olive oil’s mildly spicy taste. It is rich in oleuropein, giving it a fresh, mildly bitter-sweet tang. Following the olive oil extraction, the oil remains in our inox tanks, so that natural settlement may take place. The result of this process is that our olive oil maintains all its nutritional values, unaltered, with high levels of polyphenols.




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About Theofanis Giachos – Gaia Kallisti:

Gaia Kallisti farm is located at the sunny hills of Vatopedi, in Halkidiki, Greece. Having more than 30 years of experience, we cultivate our olive trees with love and knowledge, so that we may be proud of the products that we offer. We produce and bottle extra virgin olive oil from Green Halkidiki Olives variety. Gaia Kallisti also produces and trades a wide variety of Greek Olives. The family business owns 3 physical stores in Halkidiki, an online store and business collaborations with EU retailers.

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