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Goutis Estate – Bitter Gray

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Olive trees of the local variety ‘’Nemoutiana – Horaitiki’’ bring out all these elements that make this variety distinguished at their natural environment. A splendid location from where excursions for hiking and rafting begin hanging over the currents of Ladonas and Alfios rivers.




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About Amacs Pc – Goutis Estate:

Goutis Estate started to explore the Olive Oil business in Greece starting from the Ancient Olympia region.

Goutis Estate is one of the few companies, which produce Olive Oil by vertical production and employing cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices during cultivation, harvesting, extraction, bottling and packaging stages.

As a result, very interesting and unique products which are based on the terroir and the different characteristics of the Olive varieties that exist in Greece.

Goutis Estate products are available in exclusive stores around the world!

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