Goya España

Goya Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product Description

Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil natural flavor maintains the properties of extra virgin olive oil and offers the intensity of the flavor of fresh garlic, allowing authentic and traditional flavors be  discovered and included in our dishes.

Following our production method, this food has been created so that the flavor of each ingredient maintains its intensity and is perfectly balanced with the others.




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About Goya España:

The history of GOYA® began in 1936, when the company was founded in Manhattan (New York) by migrant Prudencio Unanue, who along with his wife Carolina, left Spain for Puerto Rico, which was their first step towards the American dream.

Convinced of the existence of a growing market for quality Hispanic food, little by little the Unanues began to provide food to local Hispanic families, bringing different Spanish products to their tables, notably olives, olive oil and sardines.

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