Tokuc grup dis. tic. ltdi. sti.

Granpa Premium

Product Description

Grandpa Premium oil is produced exclusively from olives grown on our own lands. Produced with the highest technological machinery and using the right techniques preserving the highest antioxidant agents in our oil.

Grandpa Premium, where you can smell fresh almond, grass and apple, received full marks from the world’s most experienced olive oil tasters.




Quality Awards





About Tokuc Grup Dis. Tic. Ltdi. Sti.:

The Tokuc Group’s affairs in olive oil began with the establishment of the Tokuc Organic Dairy farm in Çanakkale. It was there on the farm where we established spiritual bonds with the nature of our homeland. In our early days, our organization planted nearly 17 thousand olive tree saplings in the region of Mugla-Kavaklidere where the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts meet. This was the foundation of our olive oil business which has since flourished.

Our first round of olive oil production was in 2018. Our product, marketed under the name of “GRANPA”, attracted the attention of important experts in the industry. Today, GRANPA has won multiple awards in international olive oil competitions taking place in Argentina, England, Italy, Israel, and, Japan.

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