Griechisches Olivenöl Nativ Extra

Griechisches Olivenol Nativ Extra

Product Description

A little family company which produce their own Oliveoil with only their own olives. From the flower to the finished oil, we are next to our olives. In best quality and a limited quantity.



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About Kleine.Fressraupe:

Moving away from the industrial mass-produced goods, we offer the best Greek olive oil from our own production in our shop.

In limited quantities and top quality. The analysis values ​​can be viewed. No botch and no mix of different varieties.

Our olive trees are lovingly monitored and cared for all year round and without chemicals. Our family has been producing olive oil for generations, but we have only been selling it as our own brand since 2019. “People don’t know what you want until you offer it.” – Terence Conran Especially if you say “I don’t like olive oil!” should try our olive oil and be amazed at how olive oil really tastes.

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