Hypereleon Green

Product Description

Originating from selected groves of Olympia and Athinoelia varieties, at the highlands of Arcadia, in Greece. Two of the best olive varieties, originating from Ancient Greece. Olives groves of middle to high altitude, with olive trees cultivated in well-balanced ecosystems by using organic fertilizers, active microorganisms, green manure and crop rotation. A fabulous and unique product, with very high and 100% natural concentration of polyphenols, tocopherol & other beneficial ingredients.




High Polyphenols Awards



About G-Team:

At G-TEAM, we are a group of producers, proud to have come a long way (for more than three generations) and been involved in a continuous emotional relationship, full of interaction and harmony, with our trees and their natural environment. Based on the tradition and heritage that our ancestors bestowed us with, we move forward with respect and love for the natural environment, the ecosystem and our blessed land.

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