Stavros- Georgios Kallas O.E

Kallas Natural Products Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

Product Description

Kallas is an exceptional extra virgin olive oil pressed from freshly picked olives grown in the famous Rhodes island . Although the olives are from the classic Koroneiki variety, the area’s unique microclimate combined with the dedication and passion of small local producers, results in a delicate and aromatic oil that is especially suitable as a finishing oil for grilled fish, green salads and pastas.




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About Stavros- Georgios Kallas O.E:

Stav&Georg Kallas OE is a family running company located in Theologos village, Rhodes, Greece, established in 1960 by our parents. We produce extra virgin olive oil from trees cultivated in our fields in our area.The greatest aim of our company, Kallas, is to produce products of high quality. During all these years, we have worked really hard to pursue our dream and build a satisfied clientele. The awards we have won all these years are a confirmation of our work and help us push the limits even further and focus on offering the best products.

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