Kiriakakis Georgios

Kiriakakis extra virgin olive oil

Product Description

Our olive oil is produced from carefully selected olives collected by local producers. The olive fruit is crushed daily a few hours after harvesting so that it retains all the aromas of fresh olives and their characteristics.

The extra virgin olive oil is obtained exclusively from the fruit of the olive tree of the “Koroneiki” variety. Our olive oil has a bright green colour, which turns greenish-yellow as it matures. Its aroma is characterized as strong fruity, rich in polyphenols, vitamin E, extremely low acidity and uniquely balanced taste with a slightly bitter aftertaste.




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About Kiriakakis Georgios:

We were the first in Greece to use Pieralisi’s innovative technology, Protoreatore, combining faster milling of olive yeast with the production of more and better quality olive oil.

The milling is done by cold pressing, electronically controlled at each stage of production. The homogenization of the olive oil is carried out under high pressure conditions in the absence of oxygen.

The combination of the above gives us a product unique in its rich nutrients, aroma and taste.


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