Maria Micheli - Konos

Konos – Premium Edition

Product Description 

Konos – Premium Edition, is an olive oil with a complex aromatic profile that displays green as well as more mature notes at the same time. Famous aromas of tomato, apple, flower, and green walnut fill the nose. The delicate bitterness and the fresh feeling of spicy make this oil a real culinary experience. Olive trees variety: Makris 100%.¬†Fruit: unripe – medium ripening. Oil mill: with “cold extraction”. Olive oil extraction on the same day from harvesting, under controlled conditions in the state-of-the-art privately owned two-phase olive mill of our family.





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About Maria Micheli – Konos:

On the slopes of Konos hill stretches the olive grove where new olive trees of local Makri variety and fruit trees of all kinds are constantly added. Among them, the three year old vineyard provides a different tone of green to the overall picture of the grove.

The unique microclimate, as well as the schist subsoil of the mountain, contribute towards the creation of the end-products. On one hand, the altitude and on the other hand the aura of the Thracean Sea which is only three kilometers away, form the basis of the microclimate of the area.

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