Physis Of Crete / Asmarianaki Maria

Korona Organic Farming

Product Description

KORONA Organic Farming is an extra virgin olive oil of Organic farming and high nutritional value.

It is produces from mountain olive groves of systematic organic cultivation. Enjoy its soft and slightly spicy taste in salads and cold dishes and feel the flavor of vegetables and fruits that will delight yor palate!




Quality Organic Awards





About Physis Of Crete / Asmarianaki Maria:

We have created an exemplary facility for the bottling of oil, table olives and olive paste which is situated in a spacious location of 1200m2 and is open to the public. The Asmarianakis family has been active in the standardization of extra virgin olive oil and olive paste for 25 years. We rendered our production and standardization facility open to the public from the beginning of its creation, responding to the interest of modern tourism in olive oil production and tasting.

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