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Low Acidic Value: Maximum 0.4%, which is well below the extra virgin qualification standard of 0.8% established by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC). 100% Greek Koroneiki variety SINGLE SOURCE olives. Exquisite, Balanced Flavor: Expect a mild bitterness, medium pungency and a peppery finish. This mild bitterness is a positive indication of the quality and youth of our olives – and of their benefits.

Suggested Use: This is a balanced, subtle olive oil that is equally ideal for raw consumption on salads and seafood, as it is for cooking and baking.




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United States of America



About The Olive Connection:

For three generations, the Kouskoulas family of Greece has made extra virgin olive oil our tradition and passion first, and family business second. Planted by Andreas Kouskoulas’ grandfather on the family’s private grove in the fertile plain of Messinia (located in the country’s Southwestern region, near Kalamata), our olive trees are meticulously cultivated to harvest bountiful, highest-quality olives to create what we know to be a healing food and elixir: authentic extra-virgin Greek olive oil. 

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