Laconiko Lemongrass Basil

Product Description

We have combined two amazing flavors, Lemongrass and Basil!! This pairs nicely with Pork, White Fish, and Chicken! You can make an amazing salad dressing and make a marinade as well! Best yet is if you drizzle over chickpeas and put them in the oven for a few minutes!! You will thank us later!! Enjoy!




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United States of America

About Laconiko:

Laconiko olive oil is an extra-virgin olive oil produced by two brothers, Dino and Diamantis Pierrakos, 4th generation olive oil producers. Dino and Diamantis are continuing the family tradition, upholding the values passed down by their father, Vasilios Pierrakos, and mastering the techniques required to produce one of the most acclaimed olive oils in the world. An authentically fresh extra-virgin olive oil that truly reflects their love, honesty, passion, dedication, hard work and commitment to the environment and our health.

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