Château Calissanne - Sca La Durancole

Les Merveilles – Fruité Vert – Aop Huile D’Olive D’Aix-En-Provence

Product Description

AOP Huile d’olive d’Aix-en-Provence. Extra Vierge. Fruité Vert.
Blend : 70% Salonenque, 30% Aglandau.
Mill : A blend of selected Aglandau (30%) and Salonenque (70%) olives grown on the estate’s uplands. This grove of old trees sustained very little damage in the big freeze of 1956. The olives are picked and pressed within 24 hours to avoid any oxidation and retain their natural fruitiness.
Tasting : Delicacy, balance, intensity of fruitiness and roundness.



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About Chacteau Calissanne – Sca La Durancole:

Between History, Nature, and economic activities. Close to the Aurelian Way, which was once the main route between Rome and Spain. A region at a crossroads, exposed to invasions, conflicts and influences, but also conducive to trade. The legacy of Greek traders, Roman land managers, and Gallic farmers. At the heart of Provence. On the shore of the Etang de Berre lagoon. More than 1,200 hectares in the sun, 38 kilometres from Marseille and 28 kilometres from Aix-en-Provence.

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