Lesvion Olive Oil


Product Description

LESVION is an extra organic virgin olive oil which is produced inside the olive groves of the Giakali family from organic cultivation olives from the varieties of Kolovi and Adramitini in the percentages of 65% and 35% equally. LESVION is characterized by the excellent balance of its fruity taste with the characteristic feeling of bitterness and also the burn from the notes of pepper and its distinct aromatic character.




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About Lesvion Olive Oil:

We are the Giakali family that deals with the olive cultivation and the production of high quality olive oil. Looking into the taste and the quality of the olive oil of the past, we created LESVION, the innovative lesbian olive oil. Our ambition is to introduce this original and excellent quality we produce in every corner of the world, to taste it, to make it well known and to help it gain the position that it deserves inside the marketplace. LESVION is a product as old as the history of the island of Lesvos.

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