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“L’Instant – Αἰών”, is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil PREMIUM. From the Domaine de Cugis in Provence. It is in this context, the desire to perpetuate this sharing of life, joy and timelessness to unite all these dishes in a culinary art. This healthy and tasty extra virgin olive oil nectar reveals its aromas of fresh plums and almonds.

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About Domaine De Cugis – Clc:

The Domaine de Cugis in Provence, a family property owned for generations after the French Revolution, had at the time its own oil mill, as well as an inn where Victor Hugo shared a gargantuan meal in 1839 with Juliette Drouet. From this experience, he writes a magnificent text in his “travel diary”.

The passion for gastronomy throws us into a movement of creativity, such as the encounter between Domaine de Cugis and the La Cabosse Créative chocolate factory in Brittany, which since 1997 has been an Artisan-Chocolatier accumulating creation prizes.

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