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Mani “Polyphenol” Bio Natives Olivenöl Extra

Product Description

MANI organic extra virgin olive oil, “Polyphenol” has a polyphenol content of 500 mg/kg (2020/2021 harvest). Medium fruity and intense aromas with a bitter, spicy note underline the quality of the product. The levels of polyphenols contained in MANI “Polyphenol” help protect blood lipids from oxidative stress. The positive effect occurs with a daily intake of 20 g (= 2 tablespoons) of olive oil.




High Polyphenols Awards



About Friedrich Bläuel & Co. Ltd:

Bläuel Greek Organic Products: passionately organic and ethically motivated. An appreciation for people and nature has inspired the family business since 1979.

Respect, appreciation and love for the people, for the environment and for their origins, are the ​​pillars of the Bläuel family business.

The Bläuel philosophy is based on the respect for all the people with whom they live and work. This working culture is based on the spirit of partnership and respectful cooperation. The company guarantees fair prices and is involved in social projects across the Mani.

Certified organic farming is an expression of appreciation for nature and the environment. Through responsible usage of precious resources, sustainable processing and largely local sourcing of raw materials, the MANI brand contributes to the preservation of the cultural landscape of the Mani minimizing at the same time the environmental footprint of the company.

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