Olive Oil Morgan

Morgan Belica

Product Description

The varietal olive oil Istrian Belica is strong, distinguished by fresh fruity flavours and a more pronounced bitter and spicy taste. The aroma of Istrian Belica, the indigenous most enduring and most oily olive variety, reminds of freshly mown grass, vegetables and olive leaves. Olive oil of Istrian Belica is distinguished by a higher content of beneficial polyphenols.




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About Olive Oil Morgan:

Extra virgin olive oil of Slovenian Istria
organically produced with protected designation of origin. We produce olive oil and table olives with love, dedication, and knowledge. We have decided to adopt organic production (BIO) with respect to our living environment and the care for our health. Our olive oils carry the sign Protected designation of origin (PDO). We strolled down a demanding path, but we stand firm on our decision that only the best is good enough.

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