Ntavlouros stelios

October Fruits

Product Description

Centuries-old olives, of Koroneiki and local variety, are spread on a beautiful hill overlooking the bay of Gerakas. Our oil is called OCTOBER fruits and is associated with the early picking and taste of fresh oil. Aromas of tomato, grass, thyme and sea emerge and give a unique taste. For the last three years we have been producing exclusively extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols




High Polyphenols Awards



About Ntavlouros Stelios:

My name is Stelios nNtavlouros, I live and work in Patras.
Since my childhood I have been involved in olive picking in our family olive groves in Achaia and now in Zakynthos.
For the last decade we have been cultivating an organic olive grove of 200 centuries-old olives in Vasiliko, Zakynthos.
This year for the first time we standardized and participate in quality competitions abroad.