Spyridon Armyros-Oilove


Product Description

Our organic Oilove® Astros Organic extra virgin olive oil is extracted from the Koroneiki olive variety. The grove we harvest to make our Astros EVOO is comprised of several thousand olive trees that grow in the plain of Astros, Arcadia, Greece. Most of our trees in this area are young, which allows us to extract a premium thin oil that has a stunning amber tint. The taste of our Oilove® Astros Organic EVOO is grassy and mildly pungent, exactly what you want in a high quality EVOO!




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About Spyridon Armyros-Oilove:

Oilove® is a family-owned business started by Alison and Spyros, hard-working parents from Taiwan and Greece, with professional backgrounds in statistics and engineering. In 2014 Alison and Spyros embarked on their Oilove journey, inspired by their belief in pure, unadulterated, extra virgin olive oil’s role in the healthy Mediterranean diet. They spent much of the last decade passionately researching different olive cultivars, extraction methods, and health properties.

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