Olea Kotti

Olea Kotti

Product Description

Olea Kotti is an olive oil that was picked by hand, transported and crushed the same day without adding any water. All this in the respect of the good manufacturing and hygiene practices. Olea Kotti knows how to preserve all the oil quality so it keeps all its fruity flavours and aroma, offering you a gustative getaway in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.




Quality Organic Awards





About Olea Kotti:

Olea Kotti was born from a passion and love for the olive tree passed down from father to son for three generations. It is the story of a family that has known how to respect, maintain and cultivate olive groves in some established since 1890.

Olea Kotti undertakes to offer you the best “Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil” rich in aromas with a fruity taste, guaranteeing you a taste and sensory escape from our dear Tunisia.
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