Oleomania-Tzamalis Georgios

Oleomania Philosophiae Naturalis

Product Description

Oleomania Philosophiae Naturalis is a multi-awarded premium high phenolic extra virgin olive oil from 100% Koroneiki variety olives. Each bottle carries the Health Claim on its label, as stated by the European Commission Regulation 432/2012. Apart from its many health benefits, Oleomania Philosophiae Naturalis has an exquisite fruity and peppery taste, making it the ideal choice for people who value taste and quality as well as a healthy approach to eating.




High Polyphenols Awards



About Oleomania-Tzamalis Georgios:

George and Rebecca Tzamalis, along with their sons Theofilos and Orestes make up the 3rd and 4th generation of olive oil producers.

Our olive oil is produced in Candia, Argolis, Greece, justĀ  15 minutes from the historical city of Nafplio. There, the Tzamalis family has created a 100 year lasting tradition in the field of agriculture with nationwide recognition and prizes.

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