Agricola Peddio Sas

Olio Extra Vergine D’Oliva Dop Sardegna Peddio

Product Description

Peddio’s Sardinian PDO extra virgin olive oil is a unique and inimitable product which retains the unchanged environmental, geographical and natural characteristics of Montiferru, where the olives originate from. The Protected Designation of Origin PDO is the hallmark of guarantee that protects consumers who choose this oil, compliant with all the requirements set out in the production, processing and bottling specifications.



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About Agricola Peddio Sas:

The olive oil company Peddio has a high passion for the fruit of the olive tree and for four generations has been producing high quality extra-virgin olive oil. It is located in northwestern Sardinia, precisely in Cuglieri, Montiferru, an area where locals embraced olive growing as a vocation. The renowned Peddio extra-virgin olive oil is obtained in the modern olive-press owned by the company where the Cocco family works with care, enthusiasm and dedication.

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