Azienda Agricola Angimbe Di Pietro Scandariato

Olio Extra Vergine Natures bio

Product Description 

Versatile oil. Ideal in enhancing and making the most of the quality of the food both when cooking and when added raw where it excels particularly. Excellent with sauteed vegetables, with roasts, with baked fish, with savory pies, perfect in salad dressing, in the preparation of pinzimonio and on grilled vegetables.




Quality Organic Awards





About Azienda Agricola Angimbe Di Pietro Scandariato:

The territory of the province of Trapani is naturally suited to producing excellent quality oil since ancient times, recognized today with the DOP Valli Trapanesi. Our olive grove is also in a special position because it is surrounded by the natural reserve of cork oak of Angimbè; a beautiful wood with a prevalence of cork plants that makes our territory free from any environmental contamination. 

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