Laconiko Olio Nuovo Limited Reserve

Product Description

Olio Nuovo meaning “new oil” is our family’s LIMITED RESERVE Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our first two weeks of our olive Harvest with a peppery, rich, buttery, robust flavor. This has extremely high polyphenol content (antioxidants tested at time of harvest) of 875 mg/kg! Our New 2020/21 Olive harvest has the highest recorded phenol count to date,  Over 17x the antioxidant content of your standard olive oil!




High Polyphenols Awards


United States of America

About Laconiko:

Laconiko olive oil is an extra-virgin olive oil produced by two brothers, Dino and Diamantis Pierrakos, 4th generation olive oil producers. Dino and Diamantis are continuing the family tradition, upholding the values passed down by their father, Vasilios Pierrakos, and mastering the techniques required to produce one of the most acclaimed olive oils in the world. An authentically fresh extra-virgin olive oil that truly reflects their love, honesty, passion, dedication, hard work and commitment to the environment and our health.

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