M Sonia Cornago Gómez/ OLIS D’ALMOS

Olis d almos / organic evoo

Product Description

Olis d’Almos is a family start up that sums up our family’s passion to travel around the world and the research on beauty to extract the best olive oil of their centennial olive trees. We live in Serra d’Almos on Mas de Penna, a tiny village on the Tarragona region called Ribera D’Ebre where we produce hand made, artisane and respectful ecologic extra virgin olive oil and a spicy range of products, macerated with natural ingredients.



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About M Sonia Cornago Gómez/ Olis D’Almos:

Miquel from Barcelona and Sonia from Navarra, together with our daughter Greta. We met travelling. Miquel is a sea captain, food, nature and sea lover. Sonia, fashion creative, explorer of cities, markets and colours. When Greta was born, we left Barcelona and moved into the countryside into a hidden place, Mas de Penna in La Serra D’Almos little village. First we built a sustainable house, treated the soil and grew our family with two donkeys, a guinea pig, three cats and a parakeet.

Once established in this area rich in olive oil traditions, we decided to create Olis D’Almos Journeys & Flavors. A blend between our past of and future, we continue to travel and are passionate about our life and work.

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